Connecting with a K3/0 and Remoterig


Connecting with a K3/0 is fast and easy, plus it gives you the feel of being in the shack. Here are step-by-step instructions for connecting.

Update to Latest Remoterig Firmware

If you haven’t updated your RRC-1258 MkII firmware, or you are running  an older version, it’s time to update. You’ll also need Microbit Setup Manager software. You can get the latest version here:

Latest firmware is here:

Connect your unit with the USB cable supplied with your K3/0. Using the Microbit software, follow the instructions to upgrade. The remoterig website contains full instructions, if necessary.

If you are already using the latest version and know the IP address used to access the unit’s radio settings, you can skip to Settings to Access the Station below.

Once the update is done, click the Net info/Find tab. Note the IP address used to connect to your RRC-1258 MKII.

You may disconnect your USB cable.

Settings to Access the Station

Using your web browser with the Remoterig RRC-1258 MKII connected to your network, enter the IP address you noted in the Net info/Find tab. For example:


This should bring up the Microbit RRC-1258 MKII control page.

Click “Radio Settings” from the menu on the left hand side and note the highlighted sections:

Radio Settings


Very Important! Please be sure your radio settings match the drop-down entries above.

Advanced Settings

Please ensure your unit matches these advanced settings:

Creating a Profile

If you use other services for this device, I strongly suggest creating another profile using the “Profiles” menu. This makes it easy to switch services without having to re-enter your connection data every time.

SIP Password

You’ll be provided with a SIP password in your welcome kit. Enter that password in the field provided.

SIP Contact

Enter SIP contact: in the field above. When finished entering both SIP Password and SIP Contact, click Submit, then Apply. Your unit will restart.

Lastly, for SSB, connect your mic plug to the side using the 1/8″ mono plug. CW keyers connect in the back.


Congratulations! Your K3/0 is ready to connect.

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