Renting the station is done in blocks of time over a period that works best for you. This makes it easy to pick the best time for working DX, or avoiding a solar disturbance that tanks the bands.

For example, only operate a few hours a week? Then you’re only charged for three hours and can operate part, or all of those three hours over the desired time period created around your schedule.

Once you’ve decided how you’d like to create your operating schedule, and for how long, an invoice is generated which you can pay online through Paypal. Once paid, you’ll receive a Welcome Kit with all of the login details giving you full access to the station.

If you prefer, we can schedule a quick training session to go over the station controls, and any questions you may have about the radio. This is free of charge with your paid package and does not count towards your operating time.

Renting the Station

If you’re interested in renting the station, let’s talk. Send me a message using the form below.

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