K7RL Welcome Kit for WR3Y


Rental Period Notes Duration
April 15-19, 2019 Valid Monday Through Friday 2 Hours

Thank you for your payment Rob. You’re just a few quick steps away from getting on the air.

Getting to Know the Station

Click here for an operating guide that will help familiarize you with the station controls and features.

Accessing Gotomypc for All Station Controls

You’ve indicated that you will use a K3/0. Here are your details for logging into the station’s computer:

Click here to access Gotomypc.

Registered Email Address: k7rl.rental@gmail.com

Password: Wr3YK7RL!

Password is case sensitive. Once you are in the account, click the K7RL button to connect to the PC and enter the following case sensitive access code:

Access Code: CQDXtest1

Accessing the Radio with Your K3/0


SIP CONTACT: k7rl.hopto.org

Enter this information into your Microbit Radio Settings for your Remoterig unit. Click here for complete set-up details.

Congratulations, you’re done and ready to connect!

Any questions, please contact: mitch.k7rl@gmail.com