Terms & Conditions

Station Details

The remote station is currently SO1R, but plans are in the works for a full SO2R remote operation. The station features a K3 radio, Acom 2000a amplifier, antenna stacks, N1MM logging program, WSJT-X and more. See K7RL Station Tour for more details.

Terms & Conditions

  • You must possess a valid U.S. amateur radio license.
  • All transmissions must adhere to proper operating standards and rules as set forth by the FCC.
  • You may only use your call sign, and must operate in the designated frequencies as indicated by your license class.
  • As an option, you may use /W7 at the end of your call, but when referring to your location, you must use the QTH of the station, which is Washington State. The city is Camano Island, and as a point of interest, is WA-003S in the U.S. Islands directory.
  • I’m certain this won’t apply to you, but it must be said that use of offensive language, intentionally interfering with transmissions, or other such behavior deemed not in the spirit of ham radio is strictly forbidden.
  • Use of the station is only for the licensed operator renting it. You may not share your time with another operator, unless specific permission is granted in advance. In the case of multiple operators, each one must possess a valid amateur radio license and be identified prior to operating.

Please be sure to stay within the above guidelines as any violation of these rules may result in immediate disconnection and forfeiture of any funds paid.

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