160m DX Season is Here!

With the K index hovering at 0, tonight seemed like a good time to listen on 160m for Europe. Having worked a number of EU stations while participating in the California QSO Party two weeks ago, I knew DX to Europe was back on 160m.

Tuning around the CW band, I was soon rewarded with QSO’s from OH0Z, RN3CT, G3ROO, OH1XX, LA1MFA, OH1ND, and SM5EDX.

Using my new 500′ beverage, SM5EDX sounded great. Give a listen:



This is my first proper beverage, elevated about 8′ above ground, and 500′ long in the direction of Europe. It’s amazing how noise disappears and signals dramatically improve. At times, stations on the TX antenna I could not hear, were Q5 on the beverage. QSB waves were also much less. I think it’s a keeper.

I hope this is the start of an excellent DX season on the low bands!

73, Mitch


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  1. Valery says:

    The only station from NA today (17/01/2020) on 160m, FT8 -17 at 0351utc, single decode. Zone 3 – wow! Would be very pleased to work you, Mitch.

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