Big Antenna on a Tall Tower – The JK802

After starting this project in December 2018, the JK802, a 2-Element 80m beam is now installed at 120′. It’s the second antenna from the top.

Four beam segments cover the entire band with a 2:1 SWR at the highest point. Most of the band is covered at 1.6:1 or less. Reflector is 100 long’. Sitting on the ground in the picture below, it looks like it goes on forever. On the right is the driven element partially in the air.

After the antenna is assembled and tuned, it’s raised into position on the tower.

Despite being 100′ long, the elements are well constructed and do not require any additional support.

After a thorough SWR check near ground level, a final check is done at resting height to confirm predicted curves. It passes with flying colors.

A big thank you to the top notch professionals at Custom Metalworks for their help, and Ken at JK Antennas for his outstanding customer service. Hope to hear you on the air!

73, Mitch, K7RL

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