Big thanks to Paul, the real KW7Y, for the use of his great call. I think it’s worth at least an extra 10 dB on the air!

Signals fading somewhat

Conditions were up and down all weekend. First night on 40m was okay to Japan, but not so good the second night. EU prop was basically late afternoon/early evening. Had a couple of micro EU runs in the late afternoon, and I was hoping it would turn into something bigger, but that never happened. LP Sunday morning to ZS was enjoyable.

Although EU was heard all day on 20m, the runnable part was fairly short. Maybe two hours or so. But when it was open, it was a blast! Almost every call sign is mult and you can see the score quickly climb.

Continent Breakdown

Continent breakdown was fairly predictable. The big surprise was 195 Qs from Oceania. Strong participation and favorable propagation to VK on 40m yielded some nice totals:

  • 1,864 North America
  • 469 Europe
  • 427 Asia
  • 195 Oceania
  • 58 South America
  • 26 Africa
Continent Breakdown – click for larger view

The other interesting totals are 51 Asian stations on 80m, versus 79 on 40m. Conditions seemed to favor my 2 element 80m beam at 90′ versus my 4/4 stack on 40m at 132′ and 72′. I noted this same pattern in the 2018 contest.

Here’s the North American map of my contacts:

North America Stations Worked. WAS? – click for larger view


European Stations worked – click for larger view


Asian Stations Worked – click for larger view


South America:

South American Stations Worked – click for larger view


African Stations Worked – click for larger view

In the end, my final raw score was about 1.1 million points higher compared to 2018, despite similar conditions. I’d like to think superior station modifications and antennas made the difference.

Thanks to all for the Qs! 73, Mitch, K7RL (KW7Y)

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